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Wolfman Jack Entertainment (WJE) was founded by Tod Weston Smith in 1986.


As the son of radio’s iconic Wolfman Jack, Tod grew up surrounded by some of the world’s classic Rock and Pop music personalities. Tod’s exposure to show business led to hands-on experience in booking and marketing music artists.


Initially, WJE was developed to generate personal appearance for the Wolfman. Tod packaged Wolfman, the world’s third most recognized personality (at the time) with popular Rock ‘n Roll acts. At first, WJE organized and promoted live shows in markets through their syndicated Wolfman Jack radio station affiliates which offered cross-promotional exposure.


This touring concept proved to be highly successful, which expanded the initial purpose of WJE into promoting a stream of live music concerts across North America that were steadily profitable through the late 1980s and well into the 1990s.


As strong business relationships developed with artists, managers and agents, through the decades, WJE augmented its roster of clients by booking private corporate events, fairs, festivals, casinos also working directly with other North American promoters to secure more top talent and a demand for live music programs.


In 1996 WJE expanded further, opening satellite offices within the U.S. As WJE gained a sterling reputation stateside. Then, a long-time friend and promoter offered WJE its first international office in Hong Kong.


From 1997 to 2011, WJE successfully promoted over 40-top international artists in the Hong Kong market. During this time, Tod realized that in order to secure the artists needed to promote and perform in Hong Kong, WJE had to offer artists multiple markets within this territory. To achieve this, Tod and company developed relationships with other local promoters in South East Asia, Australia and widened their coverage into Mainland China. This move presented a gateway for WJE to coordinate tours with many various international music artists.


Wolfman Jack Entertainment has worked with thousands of Talent Buyers, Event Planners, Promoters and International Artists promoting concert tours around the world.

“I’ve always approached the music and radio industries with passion, and the decades my experiences and successes have allowed me to apply all I learned along the way to improve the quality of Wolfman Jack Entertainment.”

~ Tod Weston Smith


Wolfman Jack was immortalized in the movie American Graffiti and by hosting nine seasons of NBC’s highly successful live music TV series, The Midnight Special.

For nearly three decades, millions of people in hundreds of countries listened to Wolfman’s radio shows, thrilled by his rebellious voice, trademark growls, howling and the cool music he played. Eventually, he became one of the most recognizable celebrity figures in the world, third to Muhammad Ali and Johnny Carson.

But in the beginning there was only Wolfman’s voice coming over radio speakers; he was a mysterious figure whose physical figure was mysterious.

His fast talking raps were mixtures of hip black argot, teenage slang and gobbledygook rhythms that fueled the enigma of his character and created a cult appeal. His audiences assumed he was black, as were many of his broadcasting influences at the time, Wolfman became a part of that small band of white southern disc-jockeys, Poppa Stoppa (WJMR - New Orleans), Dewey Philips (WHBQ - Memphis) and the iconic John R (WLAC - Nashville), all of who broke tense racial barriers which traditionally controlled popular black music in the 1960s.

Because Wolfman Jack surfaced during an innocent era of Rock 'n Roll culture, his exotic moniker and wild presentation of Rock ‘n Roll stood out and became infectious. His personality defied broadcasting norms and remained unique as he developed into as big a star as the classic records he played. 


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