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Through years of experience promoting concerts, Wolfman Jack Entertainment (WJE) can consults clients, helping them create a high-impact marketing plan to promote their branded tour or specific live music event.

WJE recognizes that your best partner on an event or promotion can be your sponsor. We help clients create compelling sponsorship proposals to secure outside sponsorship capitol (cash or barter) to underwrite budget logistics and realize larger event profits.

Companies that sponsor events want to know exactly how their investments pay off. We appreciate that an event sponsor is ultimately looking to connect with their target audience (demographic) through headcount, influencer marketing attendance/ outreach, press coverage, social media mentions, revenues, attendee data collected, unique website visitors and donations.

WJE assists to align clients with the best sponsor brand sharing your values so all parties know exactly what to expect in return through:


 - Your event’s mission or cause

 - The value your event will offer a sponsor

 - What differentiates your event from others

 - What defines your event’s audience

 - How sponsors will benefit from your event

 - On-stage announcement

 - Logo placements: On signage, mailings, program booklets, etc.

 - Website marketing

 - Email marketing

 - Social media marketing/mentions

 - In-kind sponsorship opportunities

 - Complimentary ticketing, VIP passes  

 - Artist Meet & Greets

We are also aware there are many ways to measure return-on-investment (ROI) for each event. We assist to achieve your optimal ROI by developing a strategic budget plan, creating a profit-and-loss statement for your next public event or tour, giving you the ability to monitor day-to-day costing to stay within budgets set, maximizing each events profit potential.

WJE fully understands the need to be flexible on both sides to create the right balance that meets all needs for you and your sponsor. A sponsorship creates a critical relationship; WJE has created many successful collaborations throughout the years. We consider sponsors our biggest clients, as well as our partners, because a successful event benefits all parties.

Below are a few media and sponsorship partners from past promotions involving WJE:

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